The holiday season can be a stressful time between travel, shopping, and other last minute, end-of-year activities. It’s important to remember to have fun when life gets too demanding. Research has shown that acting playful and having fun can reduce stress, improve brain function, and boost energy. It also has the added benefit of improving your relationships when you engage in fun and enjoyable activities with others.
To infuse more fun into your holiday season, think about where playfulness, connection, and flow converge for you. You’re looking for a lighthearted feeling, shared experiences, and a state of being fully and actively engaged.
While you can’t schedule fun, you can create the conditions that increase the likelihood of experiencing it! Spend time with the people and doing the activities that you have found fun in the past. Even fun in small doses or little moments count!

Get lost in a good book (December is read a new book month).

Do a puzzle with loved ones (You can even create one out of your favorite pictures!).

Take a walk and make a game out of it (See how many plants or animals you can identify or try a scavenger hunt).

Have a spontaneous dance party.

Invite some friends or family for a friendly cook-off.

You can find some more ideas here.

ProChange is wishing you joy, peace, and a bit of fun this holiday season and into the New Year.