Pro-Change has completed a Phase 2 NIH Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) grant for Depression Prevention.

Research Findings:

Nine hundred and two adults at risk for depression were recruited from primary care waiting rooms and by telephone. The treatment group received a stage-based manual and an individualized printed report in the mail at baseline, and additional individualized reports at 1 and 3 months follow-up. The treatment and control groups were assessed by phone at 0 and 9 months. At nine months with individuals who were in a pre-Action stage for depression prevention at baseline, treatment group participants were significantly more likely than controls to experience a clinically significant reduction in depression (37% vs. 17%, respectively), to be in the Action or Maintenance stage for depression prevention (70% vs. 55% respectively), and to be taking antidepressant medication if prescribed (71% vs. 50%). Among study participants who were in the Action or Maintenance stage at baseline, the intervention prevented the onset of depression (11% of treatment participants vs. 19% of control participants experienced a new episode of Major Depression during the follow-up period).