Employee well-being takes center stage as ProChange’s Dr. Kerry Evers & Dr. Sara Johnson join hundreds of other employee well-being industry leaders at The Health Enhancement Research Organization’s (HERO) Forum on September 20-23, 2022. This is the first in-person event hosted by HERO since early 2020.

HERO 2022 Form- employee well-being

“These past few years have fundamentally changed so many of the choices we’ve all made about our work lives and personal lives, what we do, where we go, who we connect with and who we don’t connect with,” said Karen Moseley, HERO President & CEO. “Many of these have been wrenching choices which makes our theme for this year all the more timely and relevant.” The theme for Forum22 will be “How the Choices We Have Influence the Choices We Make: Diversity, Inclusion, and the Integration of Lifestyle Medicine and Population Health Promotion.”

Drs. Evers and Johnson will be leading and participating in a variety of sessions aimed at improving employee well-being, employee resilience, and population health promotion, including the pre-conference Lifestyle Medicine Workshop, general sessions, and the Closing Session.

Can’t make it to the Forum? Learn more about ProChange’s Speaking & Training and Employer focused well-being solutions.