Behavior Change Solutions and Consulting To Help Your Organization and Employees Thrive

Employers are scrambling to respond to the continually evolving world of work, precipitous increases in mental health concerns, the ongoing impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, and the need to comprehensively address well-being holistically for individuals and their organizations. It has never been more critical to foster an inclusive and psychologically safe culture that enables team members to thrive, regardless of where they are working.

Now is the time to partner with ProChange to create a culture of care that enables your employees to improve their health, well-being, productivity, and resilience.

As an employer, you face a variety of challenges each day. Let ProChange solve your behavior change challenges.

Solutions Licensing

Quickly implement one or more of our turnkey solutions that address the most prevalent health and well-being challenges.


Collaborative consulting provides custom insights, recommendations, and communication campaigns for your organization.

Solution Development

Can’t find an answer for your organization’s specific challenge? Let us help you design a custom solution.

Intellectual Property Licensing

Integrate evidence-based assessments and communications into your technology platform.

Speaking and Training

Keynote speaking and custom training to ensure behavior change is a core competency across your organization.


What others have to say

“I congratulate ProChange Behavior Systems for distinguishing itself by earning Wellness & Health Promotion Certification. This achievement signals to employers that ProChange is organized and ready to improve workforce health. Savvy employers know that the health and well-being of their workforce is a critical asset.”


– Margaret E. O’Kane, President, NCQA

“Our faculty and staff pride themselves in their high work ethic in service of the mission of the University of Iowa, but burnout happens even to the most dedicated and engaged employees. As an institution of higher education with an academic medical center, the ProChange tools provide us with research-supported interventions that also offer a convenient user experience for our busy employees.”


– Megan Hammes, Senior Director, University of Iowa Wellness


Here are some real-life stories.

How a national employer increased engagement and improved well-being.

An aging workforce with rising health care costs, historically low participation rates in workplace health and well-being programs, and a high prevalence of multiple behavioral health risks drove this mid-size company to find a solution. ProChange deployed aleta, its suite of turnkey behavior change solutions and consulted on creating a compelling engagement strategy. The result was unprecedented participation rates and dramatic decreases in multiple behavioral health risks across the workforce.