Pro-Change is pleased to join the nation’s health and well-being experts as members of HERO and the HERO Think Tank. Pro-Change has a firm commitment to HERO’s mission to promote a healthy and high-performing workforce through evidence-based health management as a core business imperative. Oversight for these efforts is provided through the HERO Think Tank membership.

The Think Tank is a select leadership group that has a hands-on role in the creation and dissemination of national Workplace Health and Well-Being policy, strategy, and infrastructure. Membership in the Think Tank allows innovative organizations like Pro-Change to be at the epicenter of a dynamic evolutionary process that enhances the sophistication and credibility of the industry.

Think Tank member organizations, including Pro-Change, are also heavily involved in HERO committee activities. Committees of representatives from member companies meet to explore and provide guidance on topics of importance to employers in the field.

“Pro-Change is honored to be involved in the HERO Think Tank and committees. We look forward to contributing to the advancement of population health and well-being through active collaboration with our fellow HERO members,” said Dr. Sara Johnson, Co-President and CEO of Pro-Change.