South Kingstown, RI – December 20, 2012. Pro-Change Behavior Systems, Inc. has made extensive upgrades to its URAC Gold Award-Winning LifeStyle Suite’s eight programs, including Stress Management, Smoking Cessation, Healthy Eating, Exercise, Weight Management, Depression Prevention, Managing Your Cholesterol, and Managing Your High Blood Pressure. To request a demonstration of the updated program, please contact us at

Upgrades to Pro-Change LifeStyle suite include:

  • Spanish version of all eight LifeStyle programs – including both the computerized tailored interventions and Personal Activity Centers
  • A text messaging feature which delivers tailored intervention messages to a participant’s mobile phone or email account. Messages are tailored based on stage of change and up to six additional constructs of the Transtheoretical Model based on the participant’s answers from the online LifeStyle program session
  • Mobile-optimized versions of all program components for easier use on smart phones and tablets
  • Personal Activity Centers for all behaviors, including new PACs for Depression Prevention, Managing your Cholesterol, and Managing Your High Blood Pressure. The PACs provide interactive stage-based tools to activate the process of change between program sessions
  • Expanded healthy eating content within the Managing Your Cholesterol and Managing Your High Blood Pressure programs

Updates to Pro-Change’s Health Risk Intervention include:

  • More consistent ordering of questions and feedback for easier use and understanding
  • New recommendations based on the latest changes in USPTFS
  • New measures of well-being and productivity

Updates to Pro-Change’s Application Framework include:

  • More options for single sign-on, including SAML 2.0
  • Reduced memory footprint of 50% per active user
  • Tighter security of user personal data and passwords
  • Image pre-fetching for faster screen loading
  • Template redesigns for HTML5 compatibility, easier re-branding/skinning, and use in iFrames
  • User interface changes based on usability studies
  • Accessibility improvements for easier use by low-vision participants
  • Better visibility of scheduled e-mail reminders by administrators, and expanded reminders now include both eligibility and inactivity messages

“We are pleased now to be able to offer all of our programs in Spanish, to have tailored text messaging as part of our programs, and to give an increased ease of use,” stated Janice M. Prochaska, PhD, President and CEO of Pro-Change. “We would be glad to work with anyone wanting a demo of our new features.”