South Kingstown, RI. (March 5, 2014) – Pro-Change Behavior Systems, Inc. has signed a partnership agreement with Bearface Instructional Technologies, LLC to integrate Pro-Change’s URAC award-winning LifeStyle Management Suite into Bearface’s learning and assessment system products. The mission of Bearface is to provide high quality learning and assessment systems that engage students, enable instructors to teach more effectively and efficiently, and align academic programs with institutional goals and objectives. Through BearTracks, their web-based assessment platform, they will integrate course content provided via e-textbooks and online learning systems with advanced analytic services for health and wellness classes at colleges and universities as well as employee wellness initiatives.

Using evidenced-based algorithms that assess readiness for change, Pro-Change’s LifeStyle Management Suite will provide tailored feedback to students about their stage of change and give them a personalized learning experience that is relevant and motivating. Along the way, Bearface’s analytic tools will collect and report on students’ progress, tracking changes in their ability to learn and adapt. This will enable university faculty and administrators the ability to demonstrate more than simple knowledge acquisition.

“Our partnership with Pro-Change Behavior Systems demonstrates that Bearface is committed to providing the most engaging, well-researched learning and assessment tools to college students and instructors,” said Christopher Johnson, Founder and CEO, Bearface Instructional Technologies. “The integration of Pro-Change’s LifeStyle Management Suite with Bearface products enables us to give university faculty and administrators a comprehensive package of tools with which to measure development of students’ learning and behavior change skills, which are essential to professional and personal success. This is the beginning of an important shift in the way we measure the value of higher education.”

About Bearface  

Bearface Instructional Technologies, LLC produces web-based learning and assessment tools for use in university courses and well-being programs. Bearface provides students with a personalized learning experience that develops their ability to self-assess and adapt in all dimensions of their lives. Its innovative approach enables educators to measure students’ learning growth and behavior change, more than just memorization and test taking ability. And Bearface gives universities the big data analytics to demonstrate they are graduating students with learned behaviors that are critical to professional and personal success.

Since this article was originally posted, Bearface Instructional Technologies was purchased by Perceivant, where Pro-Change content can be found in the on-line course, Coaching Healthy Lifestyle Change.