Pro-Change was successfully awarded three out of three submitted Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) contracts from the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) and the National Cancer Institute (NCI).

In Stage-Based Mobile Intervention for Substance Use Disorders in Primary Care, a Phase I NIDA contract led by Deborah Levesque, Ph.D., Pro-Change will develop and pilot-test a prototype of a brief mobile-delivered stage-based Substance Use Risk Intervention (SURI) for primary care patients and a Clinical Dashboard for providers. The tools will be designed to facilitate Screening, Brief Intervention, and Referral to Treatment (SBIRT) for patients with risky substance use and substance use disorders.

In iWin: Navigating your Path to Well-Being, a Phase II NIDA contract led by Kerry Evers, Ph.D., Pro-Change will evaluate the effectiveness of the Individual Well-Being Navigator (iWin) mobile application in a randomized trial. iWin, a substance abuse prevention and well-being enhancement program designed specifically for active duty military personnel, was developed and piloted in a NIDA Phase I contract in early 2015.

In Integrative Platform for Primary Care Delivery of Evidence-Based Cancer Risk Behavior, a Phase II NCI contract co-led by Kerry Evers and Deb Levesque, Pro-Change will test a stage-based multiple behavior change intervention in a cluster-randomized trial in community health centers.

“We are honored that the National Institutes of Health awarded us these special opportunities to develop and test behavior change programs for military personnel and primary care patients,” stated Janice M. Prochaska, Ph.D., President and CEO of Pro-Change.