South Kingstown, RI – October 21, 2013.  In September, Pro-Change Behavior Systems, Inc. provided two onsite trainings to 80 AxisMed Health counselors and 70 life coaches, at the request of Carevolution, a São Paulo, Brazil Wellness Company that offers Wellness Coaching training and services.

The course entitled, Basic Transtheoretical Model Training, provided coaches and other health professionals with the basic concepts and strategies needed to effectively use the Transtheoretical Model of Behavior Change (TTM) when working with clients to change health risk behaviors. By the end of a simultaneously translated four-hour course with James O. Prochaska, PhD., Janice M. Prochaska, Ph.D., and Sara S. Johnson, PhD., learners were able to:

  • Know the characteristics of people in each Stage of Change
  • Understand the four main constructs of the TTM
  • Identify which TTM principles to employ at each Stage of Change
  • Learn effective strategies for applying each TTM principle
  • Learn evidence-based strategies for changing multiple behaviors
  • Learn the latest breakthroughs in applying the Transtheoretical Model

Ted Feder, CEO of Carevolution, stated that “It was such an enriching experience to promote and participate in Pro-Change’s training, and I feel all coaches trained felt the same way. As I mentioned to Jim, Janice, and Sara, now we want to work to offer the training online through Pro-Change’s Basic Transtheoretical Model e-Learning in Portuguese.”