South Kingstown, RI. (October 7, 2014)


Breakthrough Health & Wellness Solutions, Inc. (Breakthrough) is now using Pro-Change Behavior Systems, Inc.’s evidence-based weight management staging measures to further individualize their fitness and weight loss offering, Online Boot Camp. Integration of the staging measures will allow Breakthrough to expand their patented interval training- based program of personalized fitness and personalized nutrition to now include personalized motivation. Breakthrough will utilize Pro-Change’s measures to determine their member’s stage of change for regular exercise, healthy eating, and emotional eating, at the start and throughout participation in Online Boot Camp. Once assessed, tailored messaging and guidance will be given to members and each member’s personalized motivation plan will evolve with them as they move through the Stages of Change.

Jonathan Roche, Founder and CEO of Breakthrough said, “The ability to speak to our members, exactly where they are in their health and wellness journey is essential. Our mission is to positively transform millions of lives and adding personalized motivation is a significant step forward. Using Pro-Change’s measures takes the guesswork out of determining what guidance our members need.”

Breakthrough and Pro-Change have signed a 5-year exclusivity agreement for integrating staging algorithms in the duration-based online fitness and weight loss space. In the crowded online fitness market, which now includes the explosion of wearable devices, this agreement allows Breakthrough the opportunity to provide a comprehensive fitness and weight loss offering unlike any other in the industry.

Roche further said, “We are excited that 69% of our Online Boot Camp participants who complete an 8-week Online Boot Camp, lose weight and achieve an average annualized weight loss of 24 pounds and an average annualized BMI reduction of 4 points. We are confident that partnering with Pro-Change and leveraging their expertise and thought leadership in the science of behavior change will increase our industry-leading results.”