Kerry E. Evers, PhD; Sara Johnson, PhD; Patty Castle, PhD

“The Coaction Issue” of The Art of Health Promotion was just published in the American Journal of Health Promotion. It includes three articles co-authored by Pro-Change Behavior System’s Sara Johnson, PhD, Kerry Evers, PhD, and Patricia Castle, PhD. The articles summarize and highlight several recent advances in multiple behavior change interventions, such as coaction and paired action.

You can register now for a free webinar that will feature “The Coaction Issue:

Thinking Differently about Steps to Behavior Change” on March 24, 2015, at 1pm Eastern. The Webinar, hosted by Dr. Paul Terry, editor of The Art of Health Promotion, will include Dr. Johnson, Dr. Evers, and Marie-Josée Shaar of Smarts and Stamina.

To learn more, view the articles on coaction in the March/April 2015 issue of the American Journal of Health Promotion.

(2015) The Art of Health Promotion. American Journal of Health Promotion: March/April 2015, Vol. 29, No. 4, pp. TAHP-1-TAHP-12. doi: