We all continue to strive to create a new normal amid this rapidly evolving, unprecedented public health crisis. Recognizing that so many are faced with challenges at home, work, and in essentially every other aspect of daily life, Pro-Change wanted to do what we could to help. That’s why we’ve launched Inspiragrams, a free text messaging program to deliver a daily dose of inspiration.

The messages address all aspects of well-being. It is our sincere hope that they will play a small role in lifting your mood; encouraging you to maintain your social connections despite being physically distanced; and reminding you that, despite the trials we are all facing, there are steps we can take to preserve our overall well-being. Collectively, we can focus on the positive as we work together to protect each other by staying home.

Want to give it a try? Text INSPIRE to 401.205.3898

Please feel free to spread the word.