Changing to Thrive
Pro-Change Behavior Systems wants to congratulate our founder, Dr. James Prochaska and our former CEO, Dr. Janice Prochaska on the publication of their newest book,
Changing to Thrive.

Changing to Thrive is a sequel to Changing for Good, a classic that has sold over 175,000 copies. Changing to Thrive represents the next generation in staging: a revolution in guiding people through the Transtheoretical Model of change for the most risky health habits–smoking, alcohol misuse, inadequate exercise, unhealthy diets, and mismanaged stress. The book, published by Hazelden, can be purchased on Amazon.

According to Dr. Janice Prochaska, “Our recent breakthroughs demonstrate how to remove bad habits and how to enhance positive domains of well-being. Our discoveries describe how synergistic strategies can simultaneously reduce multiple bad habits and increase multiple domains of well-being: including physical, emotional, social, financial, and purpose. Readers with no understanding of the stages of change can easily understand and relate to the book. Advanced readers can feel validated and reminded and learn several new things.”

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