Clinicians now able to assess stage of change in seconds!

Pro-Change’s revolutionary Clinical Dashboard now offers clinicians, care coordinators, and health coaches the ability to assess stage of change for a variety of health risks or health behaviors and provide patients with brief, real-time, tailored, evidence-based behavior change tips based on the patient’s readiness to change. The dashboard was designed to help clinicians engage their patients and guide them toward healthier lifestyles. With the new Stage-on-Demand (SOD) capability, the dashboard is optimized to do just that!

The dashboard was historically used in conjunction with Pro-Change’s Health Risk Intervention (HRI), providing clinicians an overall view of a patient’s self-reported health status, as well as a behavior change profile and priorities on a single screen. Now with SOD, the dashboard can be used with or without the HRI.

So how does Stage-on-Demand work?

When a clinician, care coordinator, or health coach pulls up a patient’s dashboard, they see a list of lifestyle behaviors on the interactive display. Simply clicking on a behavior will surface Pro-Change’s validated stage assessment for that behavior, allowing the clinician to quickly and accurately assess stage of change. Once the patient responds, his or her stage of change will be plotted on the behavior change profile, and a brief intervention tip specifically designed to engage the patient in the behavior change process will be dynamically populated into the interface. The decision rules that determine which intervention tips are provided are based on rigorous data analytics and robust behavior change theory, ensuring that health professionals are always delivering the right behavior change feedback at the right moment. Additionally, the dashboard allows clinicians to prescribe Pro-Change’s LifeStyle Management Programs for the patient to work on between visits.

“The Stage-on-Demand feature definitely helps guide you through a change-focused conversation with your patient,” shared a health coach from Healthstat, Inc., one of Pro-Change’s premier partners. She continues, “As a provider, I like that it quickly gives me the exact information I need, so that I can spend time addressing my patient based on the stage they are in during our visit, rather than having to spend half of our time together investigating (or guessing) where they might be or basing our coaching conversation on answers from a health survey that they did months ago. It allows us to focus on what’s relevant to the patient, at that exact moment.”

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