Our story

Behavior Change Unlocks Possibilities
But It’s Not Easy

There’s another person inside all of us. Alive in ways we can’t imagine. The us we could be. Brimming with promise. A healthier, happier, and more energetic version. If only we could free our potential so we could rise to this higher version of ourselves.

But how do we get there? And how do we solve behavior change challenges to improve individual and population well-being?

Behavior change is complex. There are those who say they have the answers to changing human behavior. But many are just fads. Hype without evidence. Real answers come from timeless principles. And scientific truth. The kind of truth that comes from over 25 years of deep, relentless research and rigorous clinical trials. The solution is ProChange.

ProChange was founded by Dr. James Prochaska, globally recognized as a pioneer in behavior change science and the lead developer of the Transtheoretical Model of behavior change. Building on his legacy, the ProChange team has become nationally renowned and highly respected for their continuing research, as well as for guiding clients in leveraging best practices in behavior change through consulting and training. ProChange executives have over 100 years of behavior change expertise applying theories and practical solutions to customer challenges.

We help a diverse range of cross-industry clients of all sizes solve their behavior change problems. Our clients include global Fortune 500 corporations, managed health care providers, prestigious research universities and government agencies who seek to enhance population health and address public health threats. Ultimately, our mission is to empower people to experience life-changing breakthroughs in well-being.

Why Us?

Change is hard. Change without scientific proof is nearly impossible. Science is the difference. The truth is…

Behavior change is a science. It’s a process.  Not an event. By combining the time-tested principles from the Transtheoretical Model with other theories and communication frameworks, ProChange offers tailored behavior change solutions that meet people where they are in their behavior change journey. Leveraging over 25 years of research, more than $20 million dollars in federally-funded grants, and insights from more than 80 peer-reviewed publications, ProChange behavior scientists have successfully enabled people to make lasting behavior changes and improve their well-being at work, at home, and at play. You will find that our combination of high participation and strong efficacy results in unprecedented impact.

The Transtheoretical Model

A proven model. A unique approach.

The Transtheoretical Model (TTM) is an integrative model that incorporates key constructs from other theories into a comprehensive theory of change that can be applied to a variety of behaviors, populations, and settings.

We combine our in-depth expertise in the TTM and behavior change science with best practices from leading communication frameworks to help people make meaningful and lasting behavior changes.

The combination of our deep scientific expertise with our unique 5-step client-centric approach optimizes your success.

Our Process

Our client-centric process.


Collaboratively assessing
your needs and
success criteria


Analyzing your needs
and developing a customized plan


Applying an agile
approach to behavior change challenges


Analyzing data and providing targeted insights to optimize value


Monitoring and iterating solutions over time to maximize your success

 a Team of experts

Our team is led by Dr. Kerry Evers and Dr. Sara Johnson, each sharing the roles of President and CEO. They maintain a customer-centric business model, developing strong, collaborative relationships with clients, and staying involved to ensure client’s needs are met through the entire engagement with ProChange.

Kerry and Sara are recognized as experts in the field of behavior change science. They are deeply and passionately committed to leveraging the undeniable power and reliability of behavior change science to empower people to experience life-changing breakthroughs. They both lead projects focusing on the development and dissemination of tailored high-impact solutions, integration of best practices into client’s offerings, rigorous evaluations, strategic consulting, and speaking and training. 

Kerry has developed solutions in a variety of domains, including resilience; well-being; stress management; substance abuse avoidance; cancer prevention, as well as focusing on military populations and technology innovations.  She most recently launched The Behavior Change Architect Podcast that is focused on the science behind behavior change.

Sara has focused on weight management; tobacco cessation; medication adherence; self-management of pain; lupus, and other chronic diseases; as well as well-being, culture of health, and medical education.  

The highly experienced ProChange team includes psychologists, technologists, data scientists, and public health and management professionals. We are a Certified Women’s Business Enterprise. Our leadership team has been recognized by organizations such as the Health Enhancement Research Organization (HERO) and Wellness Council of America.

Recognition & Awards

ProChange has been honored with numerous accolades and awards, including:

  • Certified Women’s Business Enterprise
  • NCQA WHP Certification for Health Appraisals
  • NCQA WHP Certification for Self-Management tools
  • URAC Gold Award for Best Practices in Health Management
  • WELCOA Top 10 Health Promotion Professional
  • Rhode Island 40 Under 40
  • Most Innovative Health and Wellness Company
  • Health Enhancement Research Organization 
    (HERO) Mark Dundon Research Award
  • Woman-Owned Small Business
  • Recognized by the AHRQ Innovations Exchange
  • Tibbetts Award
  • Paper of the Year, American Journal of Health Promotion

Our logo

The ProChange logo is a representation of our mission.

At our core, ProChange is focused on the exploration of change, which is represented by the triangle in the center of our logo. The triangle is the Greek letter Delta, which in the sciences is used as a symbol for change.

Surrounding the Delta symbol is a pinwheel. In many cultures, the pinwheel is seen as an instrument to turn obstacles into opportunities and is believed to grant longevity, health, and prosperity to its owner. Similarly, ProChange’s solutions offer our clients the tools to assist their population in overcoming challenges and increasing their well-being.

The five points of the logo are in recognition of the five stages of change that are at the core of the Transtheoretical Model, the theoretical model developed by our founder, James Prochaska, Ph.D., and utilized in many of ProChange’s solutions. Interestingly, the number 5 is often viewed as the master of change in numerology, another reference to our core mission.

Finally, purple was selected as the primary color in our logo for a variety of reasons. First, it represents balance, an equal combination of two primary colors that is often seen as welcoming to multiple schools of thought. Philosophers gravitate toward the color purple as it reminds them that there are many unknowns and differing perspectives to be explored. This symbolism is very in line with the beginnings of the Transtheoretical Model, whose developers sought to examine a variety of theories and perspectives on change to find commonalities. Purple encourages self-knowledge, inspires reflection and self-awareness, and is associated with transformation and motivation.

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