Pro-Change Behavior Systems, Inc. and the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation (HBFF) signed a Distribution Agreement to promote, market, sell, and distribute Pro-Change’s Youth and Adult LifeStyle Management Suites of programs to schools, community health and mental health centers, addiction treatment facilities, and other organizations.

For the first time, Pro-Change’s evidence-based youth programs will be offered as a collection titled Youth LifeStyle to include Health in Motion: Obesity Prevention; Stand Up: Bullying Prevention; Teen Choices: Peer and Dating Violence Prevention; and Keepin’ It Fresh: Tobacco Cessation. Future courses will be added for cessation of alcohol and other drugs and emotional regulation skill development.

The Adult LifeStyle suite offering will contain Pro-Change’s URAC award-winning programs–exercise, stress management, weight management, healthy eating, depression prevention, medication adherence, and smoking cessation–all in English and Spanish. Future programs will include responsible drinking, sleep, and pain management.

“We are excited about the many opportunities available through the establishment of this partnership,” said Joe Jaksha, Publisher, Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation. “As an internationally recognized leader in the industry and one that is committed to adhering to evidence-based research standards, we are proud to align with the ongoing work of Pro-Change.”