Pro-Change is proud to announce a re-launch of our on-demand aggregate reporting capabilities for our award-winning LifeStyle Management Suite.

Enhanced reports provide aggregated views of overall health and well-being for individuals utilizing our Health Risk Intervention and Self-Management Tools. Key metrics include data on population eligibility, program engagement, health status based on risk profiles, and progress on crucial health behavior changes.

Administrators have the ability to generate reports in real time to obtain an overview of their data and trends over time. Risk status across a variety of behaviors are highlighted. The reports allow administrators to gain new insight into the health and well-being of their population.

Vice President of Data Science Patricia H. Castle, Ph.D., stated “Pro-Change is passionate about data. We have leveraged this passion to provide evidence-based solutions that optimize the health and well-being of whole populations. Pro-Change is thrilled to extend this data-driven approach by offering our clients and partners real-time access to their population’s health outcomes through the use of our enhanced reporting solutions.”

For more information about Pro-Change’s HRI and LifeStyle Management Suite and its reporting capabilities, please contact Pro-Change at or (401)360-2980.