A population health provider drove tremendous results by incorporating ProChange’s proven Intellectual Property

Customer Success Story

How this Population Health client integrated ProChange’s aleta inside Intellectual Property into their re-imagined Health Risk Assessment with proven behavior change science.

The Challenge

A large digital population health provider had a very specific and bold vision for advancing population health through a solution that offered both a compelling user experience and the capacity to drive positive behavior change and improve overall health. Their vision called for a completely re-imagined, interactive health platformbuilt to the highest technical and design standardswhose content and quality was evidenced by NCQA certification. The core component of this platform was to be an engaging Health Risk Assessment (HRA).

This client had assembled a large team of innovative software developers, engineers, and designers with special expertise in health care. But what they also needed was expertise in behavior change science and evidence-based algorithms, decision rules, and content worthy of NCQA certification.

“Everyone said this was one of the best partnerships we have had and we couldn’t be happier with the product. We have had nothing but wonderful reviews.”

– Client, Director of Strategic Partnerships

They needed to merge their technological and design expertise with a well-established, effective HRA to achieve their goal of accurately profiling the health risks of their population and providing personalized guidance and motivation to support individuals along their wellness journey.

After spending many months exploring options for a high quality HRA with proven capability to drive positive behavior change, they selected ProChange. Flexible and willing, ProChange allowed them to leverage the HRA’s assessments, algorithms, and content to customize and implement a completely re-imagined health assessment.

The Solution

ProChange was a natural fit because the foundation of their Health Risk Assessment and Intervention (HRI) is backed by aleta inside, their curated library of Intellectual Property (IP) comprised of assessments and user facing content and feedback that has been proven to be effective in over 25 years of research. And ProChange had already received multiple NCQA certifications for their HRI content, quality, and scope. Most importantly, ProChange’s flexible business model allowed clients to integrate their proven IP directly into their solutions.

ProChange began a collaborative discovery and solutioning process with the client to seamlessly integrate aleta inside algorithms, assessments, and communications into the client’s vision. The objective was to overcome traditional barriers to engaging health assessments (e.g. length, medical jargon) and to make the HRA a fun, user-friendly experience while maintaining the integrity and rigorous evidence base of the ProChange HRI. The team recognized that the well-established and effective HRI was not only important to impact the end-user’s health status on its own, but also to encourage engagement with the robust library of wellness programs offered by the client to improve health and well-being.

ProChange worked closely with both the technical and solutions teams during the implementation period to ensure that the HRI could be effectively delivered within the re-imagined design. ProChange experts were also extensively involved in quality assurance and testing.

ProChange continues to actively work with the client to evaluate and optimize the implementation of the HRA, including providing updates to the content, analyzing user data, and providing strategic guidance for continuous improvement.

The Results

The resulting HRA was successfully deployed and has been in place and used for over four years. It has been completed over 80,000 times. Over the years, ProChange’s contribution has extended far beyond providing the aleta inside IP. ProChange has become an extension of the client’s team, functioning like the client’s in-house behavior change expert by providing targeted insights and recommendations on an ongoing basis to inform optimization efforts.

The resulting platform has been incredibly well-received by the client and their end users, and has been proven effective by multiple measures, including:

Created positive behavior change


Of users with unhealthy habits experienced life-changing behavior breakthroughs, including quitting smoking, improving eating habits, engaging in healthy sleep habits, managing depression,
and exercising regularly



Of users initially suffering or struggling
moved to thriving

preventative care


Of users sought more preventive
health care services including immunizations and screenings