Partnership adds renowned behavior change model to Cooper Consulting Partners’ Leading a Fit Life Program

South Kingstown, RI – September 6, 2013. Pro-Change, an internationally-recognized behavior change company and Cooper Consulting Partners, a health management consultancy, part of Cooper Aerobics, has announced a partnership that will further empower businesses and their employees to make healthy changes for good.

Through the agreement, Pro-Change’s Health Risk Intervention will be incorporated into Cooper Consulting Partners Leading a Fit Life program, allowing participants to receive individualized guidance and tips to make lasting change to their health. “The partnership with Pro-Change is a natural fit,” says David Atkinson, Partner for Cooper Consulting Partners. “Pro-Change’s behavior change assessment is based on extensive scientific research and evaluates readiness and how an individual can make changes. The Leading a Fit Life program develops a personal action plan for the participant to put those healthier behaviors into practice.”

Cooper Consulting Partner’s Leading a Fit Life program is an eight-week interactive program that offers employees and their spouses the opportunity to use fitness, nutrition and stress management tools to improve health and productivity which ultimately helps to control health care cost trends.

Research has shown that up to 80 percent of people are not ready to go to action right away. “Going to action is something most people have to work up to and not everyone moves at the same pace,” says Janice M. Prochaska, PhD, President and CEO of Pro-Change. “Our Health Risk Intervention is based on science and has been shown to be effective in real-life situations. It is designed to meet those individuals participating in the Leading a Fit Life program where they are in the change process.”

About Cooper Consulting Partners
Cooper Consulting Partners, A Cooper Aerobics company, is a population health management company providing a results-based strategic approach to corporate wellness for organizations who understand that healthier employees are a business imperative. Kenneth H. Cooper’s, MD, MPH, core principal is that it is easier and less expensive to maintain good health than it is to regain it once it is lost. This philosophy drives Cooper Consulting Partners, helping companies achieve maximum health and wellness with minimum impact to the bottom line. Cooper Consulting Partners offers Executive Risk Management, Strategic Wellness Consulting, and  Executive and Healthy Lifestyle Training. For more information call 972.560.3263 or visit