ProChange Behavior Solutions is proud to announce that they are celebrating their 26th anniversary—over a quarter of a century of innovation in support of their longstanding commitment to advancing behavior change science.

Over the past 25+ years, ProChange—an award-winning behavior change consulting firm and solutions provider—has stayed true to its mission to empower people to experience life-changing breakthroughs in well-being. Leveraging more than $20 million in federally-funded grants, their behavior scientists are nationally renowned and highly respected for the insights they have shared through more than 80 peer-reviewed publications and their continuing research, as well as for guiding clients in applying best practices in behavior change to solution development, consulting, and training.

“It is a privilege to be part of this amazing organization. We are grateful to our clients, collaborators, and supporters for allowing us to live our purpose each day as we strive together to address the most pressing challenges of our time!”  

Sara S. Johnson, Ph.D. co-President and CEO

ProChange is proud to partner with well-being solution providers, integrated delivery systems, foundations, associations, employers, health care centers, insurers, universities, continuing medical education providers, sport and fitness companies, publishers, and others who share our commitment to relentless innovation. Their team is continually energized by ProChange’s ever-expanding circle of partners.

It is inspiring to think about how many people and organizations the team at ProChange has helped for over 25 years, and even more thrilling to think about the innovations and breakthroughs to come! 

Kerry E. Evers, Ph.D. co-President and CEO