The updated brand and website bring new emphasis to the science of behavior change for these volatile times. 

Our world is evolving at an unprecedented pace. As a result, individuals, organizations, and communities face formidable behavior change challenges. Proven solutions are required to facilitate successful, sustainable changes. Results will come only when those solutions are based on analytical rigor and timeless principles of behavior change science. Facts and evidence, not hype, are required to drive change. Definitive scientific truth is a necessity.

ProChange Behavior Solutions has just completed brand and website refresh to better reflect its commitment to overcoming these challenges and to clearly convey its diverse array of services and solutions.

“We embarked on a journey to redefine our brand so that it more accurately reflects our longstanding and unwavering purpose: to empower people to experience life-changing breakthroughs in behavior change. That is the reason we exist. It is how we hope to make an impact in this world. It stands as the source of our inspiration and motivation,” states Dr. Kerry Evers, Co-President and CEO. “The new brand starts with a new company name, ProChange Behavior Solutions, and continues with a new look and messaging that better reflects the broad range of products and services we offer as a behavior change consulting firm and solution provider.”

“We believe the new brand better highlights our distinctions and the methods our behavior change scientists and technologists leverage to bring the undeniable power and reliability of in-depth behavior change science and evidence-based truth to our clients,” continues Dr. Sara Johnson, Co-President and CEO. “Practically speaking, our new website more accurately conveys the myriad of ways that we successfully apply our behavior change expertise to meet the needs of a wide spectrum of clients—through licensing our rebranded software as a service (aleta™); assisting others in deploying our time-tested and proven intellectual property (aleta inside™); consulting; and speaking and training.”

To learn more, visit the About Us section and the other redefined sections of our website.