West Kingston, RI – June 6, 2012 – Pro-Change and Self Esteem Boston are collaborating to develop validated pre- and post-measures to assess the readiness of Self Esteem Boston’s direct service clients in recovery to gain and use skills that support recovery and improve their lives.

Self Esteem Boston is a non-profit charitable organization that provides a unique psycho-educational program that directly teaches the tools of self-esteem as the basis for improving people’s lives. Self Esteem Boston targets their direct service programs to women in the Boston region who are homeless, substance abusers, victims of domestic violence, individuals transitioning out of the criminal justice system, and the unemployed. They also deliver professional development programs for community agency staff in greater Boston, and continuing education and CEU training programs to service providers throughout New England.

Marion B. Davis, President and Executive Director of Self Esteem Boston stated, “I am pleased to be collaborating with Pro-Change so that we can know better the impact our work has on our clients.”

About Self Esteem Boston

Self Esteem Boston’s mission is to change people’s lives from the inside out by raising their self-esteem. And by raising their self-esteem, it is their goal that people will live more consciously, and become self-accepting, self-assertive, and live with purpose, responsibility, and integrity. They do this by delivering self-esteem educational programs in group-settings which 1) defines what self-esteem is, 2) educates people on why self-esteem matters, and teaches people how to build self-esteem through essential skill development, and 3) support toward making healthy life choices. For more information, please visit